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A Yule Log Fireplace for the Web

This is a crackling fireplace powered by the Phaser 3 HTML5 game framework.

This is not a video but more of a real-time simulation or video game. There's no time limit or anything to stream once the fire is roaring and the logs are crackling. Once loaded, it will even work offline!

Grab some hot chocolate, wine, or other beverage of choice and enjoy the sights and sounds!

Want to add this to your website or game?

You can grab the full source code in JavaScript and graphical assets for this fireplace experience on Gumroad.

What you'll get

  • ✅ Full source-code to use however you like
  • ✅ Example preloading scene with a loading animation
  • ✅ Ripple loading spinner from Phaser Loading (basic and color versions)
  • ✅ Separated code blocks with comments for key parts creating this effect
  • ✅ TexturePacker project file for optimized sprite sheet or atlas
  • ✅ Individual graphical assets if you don't want to use an atlas
  • ✅ Unlimited use of code and assets (you bought it, it's yours!)
  • 🚫 Sound effects are not included due to licensing.
Buy for $9.50

This fireplace is powered by Phaser 3 framework and can be added to any website as a canvas element. Some web development competency is required.

The code will not work with any other game framework, library, or engine although the general settings, configuration, and layout of the particle systems will likely translate.